Gary Schilling, Program Manager


Gary Schilling has over 40 years of construction management experience and nearly 20 years of that was developing, managing, and executing job order contracts (“JOC”) work for Houston Metro and FEMA restoration. The rest of the Skyler team and leadership are very familiar with all aspects of the request work and have successfully executed hundreds of similar projects. Mr. Schilling began his career in JOC as a delivery order manager in January 2000 with the Houston Metro JOC, which developed into one of the largest JOC contracts ($50M) in the country at the time.

Within six (6) months, Mr. Schilling advanced to program manager and eventually held a regional program manager position within Houston’s Metro JOC program. In his tenure, he has developed and ran JOC and ESPC programs for various contracting firms for Johnson Controls, City of Galveston ESPC, Houston Metro JOC, HCDE Choice Facilities Partners, Texas A&M University JOC, Galveston College JOC, University of Houston JOC, and Texas Southern College JOC.

Additionally, post-Hurricane Ike, Mr. Schilling provided disaster recovery services in Galveston, Texas for 13 of the George Mitchell historical buildings in the Galveston Strand Owner, in addition to the historic Hotel Galvez. Upon the completion of the historical renovations, Mr. Schilling began owner’s representation in developing projects and providing line-item estimates for FEMA cost comparisons for the Galveston Island Park Board Projects.

Post-Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Schilling led the Emergency Response for Universal Project Management (“UPM”). This Project was under FEMA Emergency Services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA. During this period, UPM had as many as 300 craft and trade workers as well as 117 inspectors on staff at any given time. These projects included the construction of the first temporary housing sites to accommodate 588 families, including wastewater treatment plants, underground utilities, streets, and landscaping.

This project was completed in 14 days and was recognized and personally visited by President Bush for being completed at a record pace. Mr. Schilling also worked on a joint venture with Johnson Control ESPC Contract for Galveston Park Board Plaza. Mr. Schilling has been with Skyler for 2 years.