Dayne Crockett, Healthcare Operations Manager


With over 10 years of construction management experience, Dayne is responsible for the technical and financial performance of $400M in medical facility expansions and replacement hospital projects. He focuses on rehabilitation facilities, acute care facilities, ORs, pre-op, dialysis, cath-labs, radiology, imaging, medical office buildings, ERs, ADA upgrades, facility refreshes, assisted living, kitchen, X-ray, pharmacy, morgue, lab, pool, gym and new construction projects across the country.

He provides balanced decision-making, technical and project management guidance, efficient vendor/contractor negotiations, and effective communications with stakeholders along with design and constructability review. In his tenure, he has managed over 100+ subcontractors on a single project with on-site manpower over 1,500 workers at any one time. Dayne has worked on multiple federal projects and security clearance work, including work completed at Buckley AFB. Mr. Crockett has been with Skyler since 2017.