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It is Skyler’s mission to go above and beyond our client’s needs and expectations by producing a quality product that lives up to our set of standards to ensure safety and cleanliness in hospital environments. Skyler places public safety as our highest priority in every project we meet this goal by guaranteeing a high degree of air quality through every phase of our hospital projects by utilizing the most up to date equipment and technology. Skyler’s specialized experience and level of standards is our way of providing quality assurance and cleanliness.

While hospital builds and other medically related builds are similar, there is one key factor that sets our hospitals builds apart, and that’s the strides we take to ensure a clean air quality.

Hospital Build Outs

Here at Skyler Design build, we understand just how busy the average hospital is. Shutting down a wing, or even just a single room, for renovation can throw everything into chaos, and when you’re in the business of helping and healing people, keeping things as calm as possible is a must. Thankfully, Skyler takes every precaution prior to and during construction activities as to ensure that the hospital is fully functioning throughout the progression of the project. 

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