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Capital Partnership

Skyler Design Build has encountered numerous real estate opportunities that we have passed, thus we are seeking capital partners with a collateralized and/or first lien position in our projects. In most cases the first one to a deal receives the best position.

Based on the current markets and opportunities, we can offer credit card returns (10% – 15%), based on the size and term of the investment.

Our long-term goal is to continue to identify the best opportunities and retain our investors.

Land and Capital Partnership

Our land and capital partners provide the Land and Capital as the partner.  Skyler provides the design and construction expertise convert our investors’ money into a profit. We guarantee up to 30% ROI when investing with us depending on the project and risk portfolio.

Other Partnership Details

Our institutional capital partners, private equity and individuals, have unique opportunities to realize above market-rate returns when working with us. Whether financing an entire community, a multi-family development, shopping center, industrial part or a single lot acquisition, Skyler offers our partners a steady stream of capital opportunities in a diversified, healthy real estate and construction market.  With our real estate and construction knowledge, extensive real estate brokerage assistance, and a clear understanding of the Greater Houston housing market, we have strategies in motion and are ready for your participation.

The Texas real estate market continues to flourish even with down oil prices; however, it is still an opportune time to acquire a distressed property, properties with highly motivated sellers, properties that will net greater returns after renovation, or zoned and improved vacant land.

Currently, the market sits with little new construction, so for the shrewd investor with access to capital, it can often be a commitment worth making. “Investors are buying for the long term,” say the investment professionals.  These long-term buys typically ride out the ups and downs of economic cycles. We 100% believe that if you can invest now, then you will do very, very well.

We are ready to assist buyers and sellers who have the ability to act quickly and close transactions without cumbersome contingencies. Acquisition opportunities submitted for consideration will be treated confidentially and responded to rapidly.

Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home and build or buy please contact us to learn more about structuring a deal to avoid costly expenses associated with selling your home and having more equity available for your new home.

Interested investors should target contact our office for more information.


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