Building Maintenance

Skyler understand how important Building Maintenance budgets are to property managers, executives, and owners of properties. Skyler has a long history of working within maintenance budgets and satisfying client expectations. Let us help define a strategy, prioritize, and establish a budget for a Building Maintenance plan with you for total project alignment.

Building maintenance plan considerations:
Clarifying Owner’s objectives and requirements.
Pre-qualifying and selecting competent trade contractors.
Developing detailed construction, materials, and equipment schedules.
Routine review of project budgets and schedules.
Comprehensive documentation of all activities.
Continual site inspections for QC and get ahead of potential issues.
Routine Owner update meetings to ensure alignment.

Skyler has a couple items that we believe are critical to project success:

Clear professional plans and specifications are not typically designed and assembled during maintenance project. Considerations when requesting a quote:
Schedule of work
Project or task goals
Specific services being requested
Contract duration
Additional options
Owner provided items
Specific vendors or products to be used
Look around the corner:
Since there is no crystal ball available, identify what breaks, is it a frequent or repetitive expense, and what is expected.